BMI Calculator

This is a free online calculator to calculate BMI (body mass index) of both adult men and women. BMI values are age-independent and the same for both males and females.

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Height: cm
Weight: Kg
Height: ft in
Weight: lb

Height and weight values may be entered either in metric or customary units (feet-inches and pounds). Use the BMI for children calculator to find BMI of children under 18 years of age.

BMI Formula

The body mass index is defined as the weight in Kg divided by the square of the height in meters.

BMI = Body weight / (height * height)

BMI Scale

The following table summarizes the nutritional status of adults according to BMI values.

BMI Classification (Source: WHO)
Body Weight BMI Range
Underweight <18.50
Normal weight 18.50 - 24.99
Pre-obesity 25.00 - 29.99
Obesity class I 30.00 - 34.99
Obesity class II 35.00 - 39.99
Obesity class III >=40.00