BMI Calculator/ Children

This is a free online calculator to calculate bmi of children/ adolescents aged 18 years or under to determine weight category; height & weight values entered either in metric or imperial units.

Metric Imperial
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Weight: Kg
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If the child is less than 2 years, measure the length of the body lying down for height value.

BMI for age is calculated in the same way as for adults, but the result is interpreted in terms of age- and sex-specific percentiles (Reference: WHO growth chart for boys/ girls). For adults, on the other hand, BMI values are independent of sex or age.

BMI for Age percentiles and weight status
CategoryPercentile Range
UnderweightLess than the 5th percentile
Healthy weight5th percentile to less than the 85th percentile
Overweight85th to less than the 95th percentile
ObeseEqual to or greater than the 95th percentile